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2023.01.13 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

OAuth Attach

We’ve released a feature that enables you to attach OAuth factors to an existing Sytch User. When a user logs in with a new OAuth provider, you decide whether to create or update a Stytch User record.

To attach an OAuth factor, simply add the user_id and the OAuth provider as request parameters to the Attach API endpoint or SDK method. 

Stytch will return an oauth_attach_token for you to pass on to the OAuth Start endpoint before redirecting the user. And voila! Once the user finishes authenticating, the OAuth provider will be attached to the updated Stytch User.

Check out the docs for OAuth Attach. 

Making redirection simpler

We’ve simplified setting redirect URLs in our Dashboard and added some more resources about redirect URLs and how they’re used at Stytch. 

Read more to learn how Stytch handles redirects in our login flows, handy ways to use query params to preserve app state throughout authentication, and how to set up a wildcard to easily handle your testing and development workflows.

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