The Stytch team

2022.03.21 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Crypto wallets is live!

Our first foray into Web3 is now live in our API! With just two calls to our API you can allow users to login to your app via any Ethereum based crypto wallet. MetaMask, Coinbase, Rainbow, and any other Ethereum based wallet can now be linked via our API in a single, smooth authentication flow right alongside your existing Web2 based options. Email magic links and crypto wallets? You got it! Crypto with SMS based OTP as a second factor? No problem!

Check out the docs here.

P.S. - Solana coming soon 😉

Session JWTs

A lot of you have been asking for a JWT flavor of our Session management product, and we're excited to announce that you can leverage JWTs in our API today! JWT support in our API now let's you mint JWTs which can then be verified by your own backend without needing to hit our API; this allows faster authentication and lower latency for your product when you need it and higher security when and where you want it.

Every response in our Sessions product that contains a session_id and session_token will now also contains a session_jwt. Every endpoint that accepted a session_token argument can now be called with a session_jwt argument instead. The JWTs are signed with project-specific keys that you can find at /v1/sessions/jwks/{PROJECT_ID}. Check out the docs here.

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