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2022.04.05 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Hackathon 💻

Last week was our semi-annual hackathon at Stytch, the entire team spun up ideas for projects and burned the midnight oil to present on demo day.


So many amazing projects were presented; custom metadata on the User object, off the shelf portable MFA, and improved fraud features to name just a few. Of course, like any hackweek during April Fool's, some humor was involved; Login with username was shipped to make logins are as frictionless as possible, and we took an in-depth (and very napkin math) look at just exactly how much carbon is wasted on passwords, 15 metric tons of CO2 over a person's lifetime!

We're super excited to see some of these projects make it to production in the coming months.

Postman collection 🧑‍🚀

The Stytch APIs are now available to use in a public Postman collection. You can use Stytch in Postman to quickly test and learn about our endpoints. We will be keeping the collection up to date as we continue to ship new features.

Login with Ethereum guide 📖

Even with all the hack week excitement, we shipped our Login with Ethereum guide last week. The guide walks you through setting up an Ethereum based Web3 login experience in your app via our Crypto wallets product.

With our Crypto wallets product, you'll end the authentication flow with both a Stytch user, that plays well with all of the normal Stytch features, but also the user's wallet address. That means you can use this product to onboard Web3 focused users into your Web2 app or if you're pure Web3, leverage Stytch to handle things like session and user management.

P.S. - Solana coming very soon ;) Which chain do you want next?

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