The Stytch team

2022.04.12 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Stytch’s new JavaScript SDK 🕹️

At Stytch, we’ve been working a lot to build the “what”: low-friction, passwordless authentication that seamlessly connects your users to your product. But any good “what” needs an equally strong “how”: straightforward and helpful ways to implement Stytch.

We've launched our updated JS SDK, a flexible and friendly way to get up and running with Stytch that dramatically reduces the amount of backend code you need to write. Use the customizable UI login form or go headless with methods to call the core Stytch API directly from the browser. Excited to see what you build!

Crypto wallets in the SDK 💸

Group 1103.png

Shipping inside the new SDK is Crypto wallets support! Allow your users to seamlessly link their Web3 life with your app in our JS SDK.

Session JWT in client libraries 📚

Session JWT support just landed in our Python v4.13.0 and Ruby v2.12.0 client libraries.

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