The Stytch team

2022-04-27 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team


So excited to add another brick to our yellow crypto road, we've added Solana to Crypto wallets! Easily support any Solana-based wallet login to your Web2 or Web3 app.

Check out our guide to integrated Ethereum and Solana to get started!

OAuth custom scopes and dual sessions

Two huge changes just landed to our OAuth product and we're super excited to share them with y'all.

First we've added support for custom scopes for all of our OAuth integrations! You can now specify any scopes that you'd like in the call to start an OAuth flow and the resulting access token you receive for the IdP of choice will be provisioned for those scopes. Check out our Google OAuth start documentation for an example.

The second change we made is that we no longer force you to choose an IdP's session or a Stytch one, we always provide both! At the end of every successful OAuth flow you'll end up with an IdP session, and all the relevant identifiers to interact with their API, and a Stytch session (if you include a session_duration_minutes in the authetnicate call).

These two changes enable a ton of functionality in your app, want to create Google Calendar events for your users? Check! Read and write GitHub repos to automatically sync projects across providers? Check!

Let us know what you build!

New live demo


Have you ever wanted to experiment with Stytch's products before diving into an example app's code? We just released a brand new version of our NextJS app deployed live on Vercel, check it out here!

Don't see a product combination there? Let us know at and we'll build it!

Helpful testing change

Allowlisted domains in our Test environment for our SDKs may now be matched with wildcards. For example, https://myapp-* will match This makes it easier than ever to use Stytch while building on JAMstack infrastructure where domains might vary build-to-build.

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