The Stytch team

2022.05.20 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

New OAuth providers

Super excited to announce that we've added support for Discord and Slack in our OAuth logins product! All providers support custom scopes out of the box, want to build a Discord notificaiton feed? Slackbot-as-a-service? Unlock each of their powerful APIs with Stytch OAuth!

Check out our Docs here!

JavaScript SDK on Netlify


Our JS SDK workbench is now available live on Netlify! Log in and tinker with our entire frontend JS SDK, check it out here!

Expo + React Native example app


We just launched a new example app that demonstrates how to implement SMS passcodes in a mobile Expo + React Native app.

Check it out here!

Odds and ends

We added a new default URL param, stytch_token_type, to all Email Magic Link and OAuth redirect URLs to help solve a common paint point; when you receive token in a redirect URL, which /authenticate endpoint do you use? /oauth/authenticate or /magic_links/authenticate? Now you can use stytch_token_type, available values are magic_links and oauth, to direct the token to the correct /authenticate endpoint. Thanks for this feedback!

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