The Stytch team

2022.05.27 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Amazon, Bitbucket, and LinkedIn

Another week, another new set of OAuth providers! We added support for Amazon, Bitbucket, and LinkedIn to our growing list of social login providers. All three support custom scopes so you can provide rich functionality in your app via each provider's API.

What providers do you want next?

Crypto Wallets pre-built UI component

Our team just added pre-built UI components to make adding Web3 Login to your app super easy! Add Ethereum and Solana wallet authentication to your app with just a single line in our JavaScript SDK.

Check out the Docs here.

Odds and ends

You can now see the full User object, including the user's email addresses, name, etc, directly in the response from any authenticate endpoint. Now, all of your rich user data is available to your backend without having to make an additional call to /v1/users !

You may now delete individual users directly within User management in the Stytch Dashboard! Click on an individual user and then click Delete user. Thanks for this feedback!

Sandbox tokens are now available for our OAuth Logins product. Check out the Testing section in our Docs to learn how to add integration tests for Stytch OAuth!

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