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API SDK Dashboard

2022.06.03 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

One Tap comes to Safari

Google One Tap offers an incredible conversion opportunity but previously it was only supported on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Stytch now supports Google One Tap on both mobile and desktop Safari! No need to make any changes on your end, this upgrade is on us

Crypto Wallets supports Vessel

Last week Crypto Wallets support in our pre-built UI dropped, this week we brought Vessel to our SDK! Vessel, your passport for the internet, is a multi-chain wallet that contains both an Ethereum and Solana wallet; by default Vessel will link its Ethereum wallet via our SDK.

Odds and ends

We added some more Sandbox values to help you test your Stytch integrations end-to-end; TOTP codes are now supported as well, check out the Docs!

We added email_ids and phone_ids into User management in your Stytch Dashboard, no need to call the API to grab these values for your users.

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