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2022.06.17 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Passcodes UI components

Our JavaScript SDK now offers a pre-built UI component for all flavors of Passcodes! Add One-Time Passcodes (OTP) as a second factor or primary login to your app in a few lines of code. The UI components support SMS, WhatsApp, and Email as delivery methods, select one or all of them easily.

Native redirect URLs for native apps

With the launch of our native iOS SDK, we also added support for native redirect URLs for mobile and desktop apps. These deep links allow you to redirect your users directly to your app in either a mobile or desktop context, e.g. slack://auth/callback.

Set it up in your Dashboard.

Email customization

Last week we shipped more email customization options and we wanted to dive deeper into these new features to showcase what's possible.

Your users look to your logo to recognize your brand, whether that's when they look for your app on their phone, or find your favicon in their browser tabs, your logo serves as a lighthouse for the user. With this latest update you can now include your logo in your email templates to provide a more branded experience during login.

Buttons are the primary interaction point your users have with your app when they login and being able to match them to your brand really helps polish that first touch point. You can now edit the border, font, and font color of the login button.

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