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2022.07.22 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Announcing our React Native SDKs

Just last week we launched our brand new React Native SDKs! Our React Native SDKs provide the easiest way for you to use Stytch in your React Native projects.

We provide separate SDKs for Expo managed workflows as well as bare React Native projects to ensure ease of installation and use, as well as compatibility with iOS and Android builds. Build with our SDKs to easily authenticate your users without adding extra endpoints to your backend.

Check out the Docs here!

Custom claims on sessions

We're also happy to announce the launch of custom claims on Stytch sessions. This feature lets you include any arbitrary values that you'd like (referred to as custom claims) on Stytch's sessions and any associated JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

This unlocks use cases like saving a user's preferred contact method, whether they want dark or light mode on your website, or any other bit of data you'd like to attach to a user's session.

Note that this feature only attaches this metadata to a given session, not the user object itself...but don't worry, that's coming soon!

Check out any authenticate endpoint in our Docs for more info on how to use session_custom_claims.

New look for our SDK Docs

A few weeks ago a new look for our main Docs shipped, this week our SDK Docs received the same great update.

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