The Stytch team

2022.09.16 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Announcing our new JavaScript SDK

Our JavaScript SDK is the fastest way to set up a frictionless authentication flow with Stytch…and it just got better!

Over the last few months we’ve concentrated on making our new JS SDK blazing fast, more composable, and overall a better developer experience.

We shrunk the package size by over 40% if you’re using our pre-built UI components and by 96% if you’re not! Beta developers saw their Lighthouse scores jump by nearly 30%.

As you’re building you can now see in-IDE documentation on each method to help keep you focused and avoid context switching.

Additionally with our new nextjs and react packages, we’ve improved support for both frameworks to ensure that our JS SDK seamlessly drops into your React or NextJS app. So much more to come, including better SSR support and open sourcing all of our packages!

Check out our migration guides here; upgrading just takes a few minutes!

Passwords UI components

The JS SDK improvements keep on coming with brand new Passwords UI components!

Check out our Docs to get started!

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