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2022.09.23 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

New demo: Hello Socks

Our latest demo app, Hello Socks, highlights an often overlooked source of conversion leak, abandoned shopping carts. In the app you can see how Embeddable Magic Links can help you ensure a smooth and frictionless return to an abandoned shopping cart via a re-engagement email that lands users into a logged in and ready to checkout state.

Check it out here and see how simple Embeddable Magic Links are in our guide.

Case study: Feathery

Learn how our platform helped Feathery launch no-code forms and flows while advancing their product roadmap.

Check out the full case study here!

Odds and ends

Update user no longer allows the addition of new email addresses, phone numbers, or crypto wallets to an existing Stytch User. Instead, you’ll pass in the existing user’s user_id into the relevant Send endpoint, e.g. /otps/sms/send, and verify via an Authenticate call, e.g. /otps/authenticate, that the user has control of that send method.

Check out each Send method endpoint for updated documentation.

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