The Stytch team

2022.09.30 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

iOS Mobile Biometrics

Native Mobile Biometric authentication enables your users to leverage their devices’ built-in biometric authenticators such as FaceID and TouchID for seamless and secure login experiences.

Our iOS SDK now supports Mobile Biometrics natively, check out the Docs to get started!

Send methods in our SDKs

Our JavaScript and React Native SDKs now support our Send methods to seamlessly enable selective gating for waitlists and allowlisted users.

The Send method requires that a user already exist within Stytch before a magic link or OTP may be sent. This method is useful for gating your login flow to only pre-created users, e.g. an invite or waitlist.

Check out our JS SDK and React Native Docs to integrate!

B2B early access

Stytch is building the foundation for a modern take on B2B authentication and authorization. We'd love to talk with you about the gaps you see in existing B2B auth solutions and find partners to help us build a better solution.

Sign up for early access here!

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