The Stytch team

2022.10.14 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Introducing Strong CAPTCHA

We are excited to introduce Strong CAPTCHA, our latest product to prevent fraud in authentication.

A modern backend architecture that thwarts bots by completely revamping the public key pattern that is susceptible to scraping, a common attack vector that enables CAPTCHAs to be solved at scale by malicious actors.

Strong CAPTCHA works by loading an incredibly thin remote client that allows your user to solve the CAPTCHA, but ensures that bot farms are incapable of attacking your app.

As simple to use and implement as standard CAPTCHAs, but much stronger. Stytch’s Strong CAPTCHA gives you the familiar UX with enhanced security.

Flexible and composable, Strong CAPTCHA is designed to integrate at any point in your auth flow. You decide when and where to trigger extra security.

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