The Stytch team

2022.10.28 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Android SDK

Our Android SDK has shipped! We’re thrilled about expanding Stytch’s mobile development toolkit with the 0.5.0 release. We design our mobile SDKs to be flexible, easy to integrate, and fully native. 

Written in Kotlin, the Android SDK currently supports:

  • Email Magic Links

  • OTPs (SMS, WhatsApp, and email)

  • Passwords

  • Session Management 

import com.stytch.sdk.StytchClient

// Initialize StytchClient
    context = application.applicationContext,
    publicToken = BuildConfig.STYTCH_PUBLIC_TOKEN

Check out the source code here and the docs here. The SDK is also available in the Maven Central Repository for developers.

Spin up our example app to get multiple auth flows up and running right now. Happy coding!

Interactive sessions

This week we upgraded our demo app to highlight Stytch Session Management. You’ll see real-time sessions after signing in with any of the auth recipes. 

The demo app provides live data, detailed explanations, and a full breakdown on using tokens vs JWTs. It’s an interactive, hands-on way to learn about how sessions work.

See Sessions in action at

Odds and ends

To let you better manage your users with OAuth Logins, we exposed the field oauth_user_registration_id on API responses that contain a User object. We also created a new endpoint, DELETE /users/oauth/{oauth_user_registration_id} , so you can remove an OAuth registration from an existing User. Find full details of the documented endpoint here.

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