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2022.11.04 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

User Metadata

We’re proud to share that we’ve shipped one of our most requested features: User Metadata. Now live and available for all customers, this feature is a huge flexibility booster that allows you to store custom metadata on Stytch User records.

Customizable and flexible 

Developers can now attach an arbitrary JSON object to a Stytch User through the Create user and Update user endpoints. Designed to be customizable and flexible, each metadata object can store up to 20 top-level keys and supports deeply nested fields. Total data size per metadata object is 4KB.

Trusted and untrusted 

We also designed for access control. We know that certain fields need special treatment with different permissions. So, there are actually two custom metadata fields on the User record.

The trusted_metadata field is for sensitive internal data – attributes that need a high degree of trust to change like billing status, role, or an id. Only the backend SDK or a direct API call can update or set these values, but it may be read by the frontend SDK.

On the other hand, the untrusted_metadata field is for data that can be directly edited by the frontend SDK. It’s great for non-sensitive metadata about a user like their display or language preferences. Both the frontend SDKs and backend SDKs can read and write untrusted_metadata

Check out the documentation for User Metadata here

Odds and ends

Twitter and TikTok are coming soon to our OAuth Logins suite. What other OAuth providers are you interested in? Let us know at or in our community Slack!

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