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2022.12.02 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Custom Email Domains

We officially shipped Custom Email Domains, one of our most popular feature requests. You can now provide your own email domains when editing Email Templates in the Stytch Dashboard. With Custom Email Domains, you can send every auth email from your own personalized and branded email address. 

Send a request to our sales team to learn more about getting started with Custom Email Domains.

Addresses and names

Custom Email Domains enables you to set the email’s sender address, sender name, reply-to address, and reply-to name. Tailor each address to create ideal email engagement with your end users.

Multiple domains

Own several domains? Need to use them all? Custom Email Domains lets you add multiple email domains. Decide when to use each email domain whenever you need it. 

DNS records

To use your own email domains, simply update your DNS records with the values that Stytch auto generates for you. The entire process is self-serve and should take just a few minutes. 

New OAuth providers

We’re happy to announce that we officially added Twitter and TikTok to Stytch's OAuth Login suite. Check out the docs now.

Figma and Snapchat are coming soon! What other OAuth providers are you interested in? Let us know at or in our community Slack!

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