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2023.01.06 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Our Python SDK recently got a lot of love! We added async support based on your feedback and added some new features to make it easier to work with our SDK.

Check out the latest release, to get all these new features!

Asynchronous support

Every method in our Python SDK now has an equivalent async API in addition to the existing sync methods. Just append _async to any method!

Response typing

Every response is now a typed <TYPE>Response object, e.g. client.users.create() returns a users.CreateResponse.

Both sync and async APIs return the same response models to make transition from one to the other super simple!

In-IDE docs

Our SDK now offers documentation directly within your IDE to make it easy to check method parameters and formats as you’re coding; no need to jump to a browser!

Error handling glow up

All errors you’ll receive from our Python SDK are now returned as a StytchError response. No need to worry about parsing bad responses from our API – instead you’ll receive a nicely formatted StytchError telling you what went wrong.

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