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2023.01.20 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Custom HTML email templates

This week we released one our most highly requested features: custom HTML email templates. Write your own copy, and build emails with your own HTML and CSS to customize the look and feel.

Talk to an auth expert on how to get started.

In your Stytch Dashboard, there are multiple options and settings to configure. For each custom HTML email template, you can choose an email type (like login, signup, or password reset), a template_id, and different data variables to use in your email code path.  

The Stytch Dashboard also provides a code editor with an instant, live preview of the email as you make changes. Create as many custom HTML email templates you need so you can send the right type of emails for the right situations and audiences.

To send emails with a custom HTML email template, just pass the {{email_type}}_template_id you want to use as a parameter when calling email API endpoints or SDK methods.

Check out the docs to see more details.


 Julianna Lamb (Stytch CTO) and Chris O’Neill (Head of Developer Relations) will be at DeveloperWeek in Oakland, CA in February!

Julianna will be hosting a session covering how to do auth right on today’s web. This talk introduces authentication concepts, techniques, and UX flows which you can leverage to revamp your application and delight your users.

In-person February 14th through 17th, and virtually 21st through the 23rd. Get your tickets and see us there!

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