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2023.02.03 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Stytch Forum

We have officially launched Stytch Forum – a community for developers to discuss, ask questions, get support, request features, read announcements, and share ideas about Stytch. Post your own topic or search for existing ones to see what others are building with Stytch.

Come join us on the Stytch Forum!

JSON view of User in Dashboard

We added a full fidelity JSON view to the Dashboard when managing Stytch Users. This quality of life feature makes it easier to grok, develop, and test against live Stytch User records. You no longer need to make an API call to see what the structure looks like or what the metadata values are. View all your Stytch Users right from the Dashboard.

Stytch Talks with Jordan Burris

Join us on February 10, for our next Stytch Talk on The Future of MFA.

Stytch co-founder and CEO Reed McGinley-Stempel will sit down with Jordan Burris, cybersecurity strategist and Former White House OFCIO, to talk about why MFA is so critical, how emergent solutions like passkeys are changing the game, and what are key considerations to factor in, when considering MFA.

Register here.

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