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2023.02.10 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

React & Next.js example apps

We’re working on a total refresh of our example apps and the first two are now available!

Check out our brand new React and Next.js example apps. Leveraging our React and NextJS SDKs, both example apps offer Email Magic Links and Google OAuth for login and Stytch Session Management to manage browser sessions.

We’ve simplified the steps to get started and heavily commented the code to highlight exactly what you’re doing in each step to help make the Stytch pattern more clear.

What frameworks do you want next? Let us know in our Slack community!


Stytch Talks

Stytch co-founder and CEO Reed McGinley-Stempel will sit down with Jordan Burris, cybersecurity strategist and Former White House OFCIO, today at 11am to 12pm PST!

Join them here.


We’d love to see you at DeveloperWeek in Oakland, CA! In-person February 14th through 17th, and virtually 21st through the 23rd.

Get your tickets and see us there!

Odds & ends

Twitter API pricing change

Twitter is making changes to their API pricing structure, we encourage you to follow along with Twitter’s changes.

In Stytch, your developer account with the Identity Provider (IdP) provides the API keys that we use to initiate the IdP session.

That means that any pricing considerations relevant to the IdP are handled between you and the IdP. Stytch does not pass along or handle these extra costs as part of our service.


Email templates and SMS/WhatsApp templates are now available in Brazilian Portuguese! Just use ”locale”: “pt-br” when sending a magic link, OTP, or password reset.

What language do you want next? Let us know!

Where to find us

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