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2023.02.17 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Open beta for B2B authentication

We're excited to announce that Stytch's B2B authentication suite has launched in open beta, and it’s available now for all developers to use and implement. Simply log in to your Stytch account and create a new Project.

Are you a B2B company that is already using Stytch? Our new B2B offering might be a better fit for you long term.

Talk to an auth expert to learn how Stytch’s B2B product meets your authentication needs.

What is B2B authentication? What does it offer?

Stytch's B2B API enables end users to log in or sign up as Members of an Organization. Our B2B product is designed to address the authentication and user management needs of enterprises and organization-based applications at any stage of growth. Here is a list of currently available features:

Check out the Docs to start building B2B authentication.

Changes to the Docs and Dashboard

  • In the Docs, all authentication products released before today are now placed under Consumer authentication

  • In the Dashboard, when creating a new Project, you must select either Consumer or B2B authentication.

Does this affect your current Stytch implementation?

No, this new feature set is entirely additive! You can continue to keep using Stytch’s consumer-focused products as usual.

Stytch is the all-in-one developer platform for authentication. We will continually update both the Consumer and B2B authentication suites with new features and products. So stay tuned.

Unsure about which to choose? Talk to an auth expert to find the right auth type for your application.

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