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2023.03.03 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

B2B frontend SDKs

We released new versions of our JavaScript v0.10.0, Android v0.9.0, and iOS v0.8.0 SDKs. They now all support B2B authentication methods that enable you to create Organizations, Members, and use Email Magic Links for your B2B auth flows.

Get started by visiting the Docs for our B2B frontend SDKs.

JavaScript SDK v0.10.0 and subdomains

The JavaScript SDK received a version bump that provides more control over cookies but may also alter or break current implementations. In addition to B2B authentication support, version 0.10.0 has a new setting availableToSubdomains that enables you to allow or disallow session cookies from being shared with subdomains.

By default, the availableToSubdomains is set to false. Previous versions of the JavaScript SDK had always shared cookies with subdomains. If your app assumes a Stytch cookie is available to all subdomains by default, v0.10.0 will be a breaking change.

If you’re already using the JavaScript SDK, read the Docs to learn more about migrating to v0.10.0.

B2B Postman collection

We also published an official Postman collection for Stytch’s beta B2B API – which supports Single Sign On with SAML, Email Magic Links, and Session Management.

Check out and fork Stytch’s Postman collection to test out our Consumer or B2B API.

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