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2023.03.17 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Android documentation overhaul

We improved our Kotlin SDK documentation to give developers more useful information at every step of implementation for Android development. The overhaul includes: 

  • Step by step installation and setup.

  • Example app guides and an FAQ.

  • Inline and in-editor documentation for every public facing member in the Kotlin SDK.

  • A comprehensive README for every package with usage instructions.

Check out the Github repo to get started with the Stytch Kotlin SDK. 

Stytch postmortem 2023-02-23

We published a postmortem on the incident that occurred on February 23, 2023 that resulted in a system outage and 14 minutes of Live API downtime. 

We’re sharing these technical details to give our community an understanding of the root cause, how we addressed it, and what we are doing to prevent similar issues from happening again. 

Read the full postmortem blog post.

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