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2023.04.28 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

New B2B features

We just added OpenID Connect (OIDC) to our B2B SSO suite. Check it out:

We’ve also released our pre-built UI components for our JavaScript SDKs (Vanilla JS, Next.js, and React). Email Magic Links, Single Sign On (SSO), and Discovery flows are supported.

Check out the Docs on configuring the UI.

JWT custom templates

Stytch JWTs now support custom claim templates so you can automatically seed every JWT with data you specify in the Stytch Dashboard.

Seed RBAC roles directly from User trusted_metadata or integrate smoothly with third party JWTs like Hasura.

Odds and ends

Salesforce OAuth is now supported for B2C OAuth!

Simplified redirect URL setup; we now automatically seed new Projects with our standard http://localhost:3000/authenticate redirect URL to save you one more step while testing out our API.

Where to find us

Stytch community Slack

Join the discussion, ask questions, and suggest new features in our Slack community!

Get support

Check out the Stytch Forum or email us at

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