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2023.05.12 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Mobile SDKs and B2B auth

We upgraded our iOS (v0.10.0) and Android (v.0.11.0) SDKs to officially support these B2B auth methods and features:

  • Passwords 

  • Discovery login

  • Single Sign On with SAML and OIDC

For iOS developers, we created interactive tutorials that help you:

  • Get setup with Stytch

  • Add Email Magic Links, Biometrics, OAuth, and Sessions

  • Rebuild your UI based on changes to auth status

For Android developers, we shipped a fully documented example app that can get you started with:

  • B2B or B2C auth

  • Discovery login, Magic Links, Passwords, Biometrics, Sessions, and OTPs

  • User, Organization, Member management

Node v7.0.0

Our Node SDK received a major version bump. It now supports node v20, standardizes all requests and response types, and adds a types export to package.json . Breaking changes include removing support for node v14, which had an EOL date of 2023-04-30.

Great reads

If you're an engineer or an auth expert, be sure to check out these in-depth articles:

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