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2023.07.07 | ISO 27001, Next.js 13 App router

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

New ISO 27001 certification

Stytch is excited to announce our new certification for ISO/IEC 27001 in addition to complementing our existing SOC 2 Type II report for the Security, Availability, and Confidentiality Trust Service Criteria. The ISO 27001 certification further demonstrates Stytch’s commitment to keeping customer data and the Stytch platform safe and secure via the implementation of a robust Information Security Management System.

Please reach out to for a copy of our compliance reports.

Next.js 13 App router

Next.js 13’s App router is a new way to build applications using React’s latest features. We built an example app to show you how to use Stytch with the new App router for both client and server components.

Check out stytch-nextjs13-example on our GitHub and let us know what features or tech stacks you want to see next!

Mobile SDK updates

We’ve officially renamed and updated our mobile SDKs:

  • For Android, the SDK name changed from stytch-kotlin to stytch-android.

  • For iOS, the SDK name changed from stytch-swift to stytch-ios.

  • For both stytch-ios and stytch-android SDKs, we added a User method for updating name and untrusted metadata.

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