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2023.09.01 | SQX, new demo apps, & new guides

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

SQX, an open source db library

We're excited to announce that we open-sourced SQX, a convenient library for db interactions in Go.

SQX is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of creating flexible database interfaces. This combination of a robust library and well-crafted design patterns enables developers to efficiently handle database interactions while maintaining code reusability, testability, and ease of maintenance.

func GetUsers(ctx context.Context, filter GetUserFilter) ([]User, error) {
	return sqx.Read[User](ctx).

Read more about SQX and how we use it at Stytch to solve common db problems.

New demo apps for B2B auth

We shipped two new demo apps that showcase our B2B auth. These are great resources for those who want to try a hands-on experience with organization-based authentication.

  1., an interactive SDK builder that lets you customize a production ready login UI for your B2B application.

  1. Survey Amp, a working example SaaS web application using Stytch's SDK to authenticate members and organizations.

New guides

Our Docs have several new guides to help you build best-in-class authentication flows. Be sure to check out:

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