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2023.10.13 | Dashboard write actions

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Write actions in the Dashboard

We have updated the Dashboard with new features that enable you to create, update, and delete records and trigger auth actions directly from the UI. Instead of having to make API calls, you can log in to to implement your desired changes and manage your Stytch Project.

These Dashboard write actions include but are not limited to:

  • Forcing password resets for an end user.

  • Revoking active sessions for an end user.

  • Creating, updating, and deleting Organizations and settings like slug, logo, allowed_auth_methods, *_jit_provisioning, mfa_policy

  • Creating, updating, and deleting SSO Connections and settings like metadata_url, attribute_mapping, x509_certificate

  • Creating, updating, and deleting Members and attributes like name, trusted_metadata, is_breakglass, mfa_enrolled

  • Creating, updating, and deleting Users and attributes like first_name, last_name, trusted_metadatauntrusted_metadata.

Great reads

We published some great reading for engineers and auth experts. Be sure to read: 

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