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2023.10.27 | Device Fingerprinting + Auth = Bot Protection

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Device Fingerprinting Protected Auth

We are excited to announce Device Fingerprinting Protected Auth, a new cutting-edge solution that integrates our frontend SDKs with our advanced Device Fingerprinting product. Focus solely on building auth flows while harnessing all the advantages of DFP like bot protection and fraud prevention.

When enabled, our SDKs will automatically generate a telemetry ID  with every auth API call and collect them in the Dashboard for reporting. The Stytch API will verify the device fingerprint is a valid user before authenticating any request, empowering you to take well-informed actions like BLOCK, ALLOW, or TRIGGER_RECAPTCHA.

DFP Protected Auth is supported by our JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs.

Check out the Docs to learn more about DFP Protected Auth. 

Opt-in for global SMS OTP

SMS OTP to phone numbers outside of the US and Canada is disabled by default for workspaces with no usage prior to October 2023. If you're interested in sending international SMS, please reach out to us at

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