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2023.11.27 | RBAC and SCIM: request for early access

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Request for early access

We are currently accepting requests for early access for our upcoming RBAC and SCIM solutions. These authorization tools will become generally available in the near future with our B2B SaaS Authentication product.

Visit the Docs or contact us to learn more about how our RBAC and SCIM solutions and timelines fit into your authorization requirements. 

Role Based Access Control

With features like programmatic role assignment and custom resource creation, Stytch's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) solution model streamlines the management and enforcement of permissions with a flexible developer interface. Read more on the following RBAC features: 

  "role_id": "reader",
  "permissions": [
      "actions": [ "read" ],
      "resource_id": "documents"
      "actions": [ "read" ],
      "resource_id": "images"
  "description": "Members with the reader role can view documents and images."

Check out the Docs to learn more about how our RBAC solution fits into your authorization requirements.

System for Cross Domain Identity Management

Stytch's upcoming SCIM solution will enable Organizations to enroll in SCIM, and have any changes communicated from their Identity Provider be immediately reflected in your application. Features include but are not limited to: 

  • Support for the SCIM 2.0 Spec.

  • Creating, updating, and deleting Members.

  • Webhook subscriptions to enable keeping your internal system in sync with any SCIM-initiated changes.

 Visit the Docs to read more about what SCIM features we’re planning to support.

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