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2023.12.22 | Role-Based Access Control

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Role-Based Access Control

We are excited to announce our Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature is now generally available for all B2B SaaS Authentication Projects.

Designed for B2B multi-tenant auth systems, our RBAC solution streamlines the management and enforcement of permissions with a flexible developer interface with features like programmatic role assignment and custom resource creation. 

Check out the following RBAC Docs to get started: 

  "role_id": "reader",
  "permissions": [
      "actions": [ "read" ],
      "resource_id": "documents"
      "actions": [ "read" ],
      "resource_id": "images"
  "description": "Members with the reader role can view documents and images."

A Role data object that maps permitted actions to specified Resources.

Dashboard UI supports custom resource creation and role assignment.

SMS OTP price update for MX

The rate for SMS OTP in Mexico (MX) has been updated to $0.106.

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