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2024.03.07 | Webhooks for B2B SaaS

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

Webhooks for B2B SaaS Authentication

We've introduced webhooks to our B2B SaaS Authentication platform. With webhooks, developers on the pro plan or higher can stream Stytch events by providing an endpoint URL. Stytch will dispatch events to your server with pertinent data and details like action , object_type , source , and the related record. 

We support events related to Members, Organizations, and SSO connections like SAML and OIDC.

  "action": "CREATE",
  "event_id": "webhook-event-test-00000...",
  "id": "organization-test-0000...",
  "object_type": "organization",
  "source": "DASHBOARD",
  "project_id": "project-test-0000...",
  "organization": {
    "organization_name": "ACME Corp.",
    "organizaiton_slug": "acme",
    "mfa_policy": "REQUIRED_FOR_ALL"

Check out our guide on how to get started with webhooks

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