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Q3 wrap up

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

It was a busy summer season at Stytch. This week we’re taking a look back on what we shipped in Q3 and things that we’re excited about in Q4.

New products and features

Native Mobile Biometrics

We were so excited to ship Native Mobile Biometrics, the smoothest way to login on mobile, in our iOS SDK this summer.

Biometrics will be coming to our RN SDKs and our upcoming Android SDK soon!


CAPTCHAs are a great way to mitigate bad actors from being able to attack your application, but they can be compromised at scale by bot farms. Strong CAPTCHA tackles this problem at the root by removing the primary vulnerability that attackers exploit.

We’re super excited to ship more products in this space to help you make your login safer.

Custom email domains and CNAMEs

Supporting both custom CNAMEs and custom email domains give you more control over your Stytch integration and user experience. More coming soon!

Developer experience

New JavaScript SDK

We received a lot of great feedback from you about our JS SDK and we’ve made exciting improvements.

We added in IDE documentation, shrunk the package size by 96%, improved performance by nearly 30% on Lighthouse, and added a new NextJS specific package.

Stay tuned for even more features to help make building with Stytch a better fit for your stack, more UI customization, and fully open sourcing our JS SDK!

Demo apps

We had a ton of fun developing our three new, hosted demo apps so you can see Stytch in action in three different verticals: eCommerce (Hello Socks), B2B SaaS (Survey Amp), and FinTech (Money App).


B2B auth

B2B authentication is an exciting space today; managing tenancy, RBAC, administration, SSO are all critical to providing a highly secure and flexible B2B authentication solution.

That’s why we’re so excited to build Stytch B2B and we'd love for you to join us in building the next generation of SSO. Get in touch for early access here!

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