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Stytch Q3-21 Update

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

In case you missed some great updates we made this quarter, here's a summary of everything that’s new...

🚢 Product

OAuth integrations

We launched OAuth integrations to beta, starting with Sign In with Google and Microsoft. We have a detailed guide to help you get up and running here. Got any thoughts or feedback for us? Email!

Embeddable Magic Links

You can now embed magic link authentication into any customer communication channel (SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc.) to always provide a logged-in experience to users. Whether you’re sending a promotional deal, a cart abandonment recovery attempt, or an account management notification, Stytch EMLs can boost your customer engagement conversion up to 300%. Explore our docs to learn more about the feature, and shoot us a note at if you’d like to get access to it.

Session Management

We launched Session Management in public beta! If you’d like to try it out, check out the integration guide, and if you’d like to give us some feedback, simply email

Email and WhatsApp OTP

We launched support for sending OTP codes via email, SMS, and WhatsApp to enable you to engage with and authenticate your users, wherever they are. Learn more here in our Docs.

🤝 Integrations

We’ve made it even easier to get up and running with Stytch and Next.js. Check out our example app here, and read about how we built it in our blog post.

💡 Community

We launched 25 partnerships with VCs and accelerators

To learn if you’re eligible for a Stytch VC/accelerator discount, reach out to

We expanded our developer relations team!

We’re thrilled to have Chris join us from Plaid to lead developer relations. Chris, in his own words, is “excited to help make Stytch the obvious user infrastructure choice for developers”. Feel free to say hi to him in our Slack community!

🎙 Content

Missed any of our recent podcasts?

Catch-up on our top 3 blog posts in Q3!

Lots of more exciting things are coming up in Q4, so stay tuned! In the meantime you can always reach out to us in Slack or with any questions, thoughts or feedback!

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