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2023.01.27 release

AUTHOR: The Stytch team

The latest mobile SDKs 

We shipped v0.7.0 versions of our mobile SDKs and gave them a boost in functionality. Check out the Android SDK docs and iOS SDK docs for the full details and to start implementing.

iOS SDK 0.7.0

The iOS SDK now supports Time-based One-time Password (TOTP). Integrate with Authenticator apps to create two-factor authentication flows for extra security measures. We also added custom HTML email templates, so you can send fully customized emails for Magic Links and OTP. 

Android SDK 0.7.0

The Android SDK now has OAuth enabled! Create login and signup flows with Google One Tap and other third party providers.

Stytch Talks with Jaren Glover

Whether you’re an early engineer or founder, you can learn how to scale an exceptional engineering team in our Stytch Talk with @jarenglover. Watch the full episode for tips on how to build engineering teams, from the importance of onboarding to codifying a clear incentives structure to motivate your team. Read the recap of the interview at the Stytch Blog.

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